Friday, March 30, 2007

TV vs reality

Hello to my forensic fans and TV drama fanatics!

Have you ever watched CSI and was like that's so cool then researched becoming a CSI and was like oh snappppppp there is blood and I'm not gonna go to work looking like a actress everyday and I'm sure as hell not going to smell like one... yeah it's true, TV is NOT like reality the truth is if CSI and other crime shows showed the real life of a CSI... well I don't know if you would watch it. However, i know of people who are Anti- CSIs because they are not "real enough"

here is an interview with a real "CSI"

The article wound up with a FAQ that's a dream for writers of the show or fan fiction:

  • Do CSAs carry guns? Yes and no. Once it was mandatory, but now it's up to personal choice. To carry a gun, the CSA must train, qualify and meet Metro requirements.
  • Do the CSAs dress like the CSIs on the TV series? No. However, the producers were so impressed with the CSA's new black mesh vests that they procured them for the TV show. You'll see Nick wearing this vest a lot.
  • Is the science on CSI real? Yes, but results can be altered for the sake of drama, such as getting a DNA test back in hours when in reality it's more like days or months.
  • What are the requirements for a CSA at Metro? A college degree (2-year Associates), usually in Criminal Justice or one of the sciences. Also "physical strength, superhuman stamina, unflagging endurance, a facile and inquisitive mind; and more attributes than you can list here..."
  • What type of jobs do CSAs come from? From all walks of life. "One was a chorus line dancer at the Tropicana's Folies Bergiere, another was a hotel room reservations clerk, another a photo lab technician."
  • How many CSAs does Metro have? 36, but they could use a dozen more. The average squad on any shift has 4-6 CSAs in the field.
  • What's the most common case? Residential burglaries.
  • How long does it take to process a scene? As little as an hour for a residential burglary, or 12-15+ hours for a homicide.
  • How many CSAs go to a crime scene? Usually just one, although homicide cases can involve at least two CSAs, and "as many as give or more" can process a scene.
  • What are the CSA shifts? 24/7, with swing and grave shifts. "4 days, 10 hours with a two hour overlap (6 a.m. - 4 p.m.; 2 p.m. - 12 midnight; 10 p.m. - 8 a.m.)"
  • In what respect is the TV show most different from real life? On CSI, there is a small group doing everything that a much larger group of people would do. Also, real life has very few "Who Dunnit?" mysteries, but those are the staples of TV entertainment. In reality, The Who Dunnit's are "stranger killings" and "too often those perpetrators are never caught."
  • What calls are most disturbing? Each CSA has their own "personal tripwire" on what case bothers them.
  • What are the best cases to work on? One CSA said that 426 calls (Sexual Assaults) are the best as they can be immediately gratifying due to a quick resolution - and that the CSA knows how the case ends.
  • Do CSAs conduct lab experiments? Yes, but to the extent the CSI do on the series.
  • Do CSAs interview suspects and witnesses? Yes, but at the crime scene. "Unlike their television counterparts, they don't generally show up a witness' house the next day to ask more questions nor do they summon suspects into LVMPD interview rooms in order to pummel them with wit and science."
  • Do CSAs break for lunch? "Seldom, if ever." They're lucky to get coffee at a drive-through.
  • Does Metro's CSI give tours? No, but that doesn't stop tourists from asking. As for ride-alongs, due to legality, basic decency and victim privacy, civilians have "very restricted access."
  • Has the popularity of the show changed the life of the CSA? Yes. A uniformed officer humorously greeted a CSAs arrival at a scene with "Hey, everybody, the CSI is here! This caper will be solved in 50 minutes!" CSAs are also now approached by tourists who ask them to pose for photographs or sign autographs.
  • Link from interview



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