Saturday, March 31, 2007

History of forensics

Today, I was watching TV, the OJ Simpson trial was being talked about on Discovery Channel Times. They discussed DNA and stuff. I thought to myself what is the progression of Forensics here is what i found:

  • First off, Forensics is not correct, you should say forensic science because forensics is " effectively a synonym for "legal" or "related to courts" (from Latin, it means "before the forum")"
  • They're twelve divisions of forensic science
  • above does not include applications of forensics
  • " The "Eureka" legend of Archimedes (287-212 BC) can be considered an early account of the use of forensic science. In this case, by examining the principles of water displacement, Archimedes was able to prove that a crown was not made of gold (as it was fraudulently claimed) by its density and buoyancy." (wikipedia)
  • Fingerprinting began in early human times
  • For more info go to
  • wikipedia
In addition other discoveries and changes have been made for example a forensic scientist reconstructed a Disk to find incriminating evidents on a suspect, this was the first time in history that was done. DNA analyzes has become more useful also. Computers allow Techs to quickly match a finger print or ballistics.


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