Monday, April 2, 2007

Forensic fields

  • Forensic Anthropology- Dealings with bones, this field can determine TOD, Information about the victum, and what may have caused their untimely death
  • Forensic Art- Reconstrusted skulls to show how someone looked like
  • Forensic Physiology- (wikipedia) Forensic psychology is the application of psychological priniciples and knowledge to various legal activities involving child custody disputes, child abuse of an emotional, physical and sexual nature, assessing one's personal capacity to manage one's affairs, matters of competency to stand trial, criminal responsbility & personal injury and advising judges in matters relating to sentencing regarding various mitiagants and the actuarial assessment of future risk.
  • Autopsy- Determines TOD, Cause of death, ect

Another Feild is Forensic Biology:

DNA analysis
Forensic anthropology and pathology
Forensic entomology
Forensic botany
Biological chemistry

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